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"Stay Home" & Do Yoga. Which Yoga Mat to Purchase During COVID-19

Since "Stay Home" due to COVID-19, the benefits of yoga are now needed more than ever. Fear, anxiety, grief, and uncertainty are common emotions among the population.

Yoga can help us stay grounded, which is more challenging and more important than ever. We cannot control what is happening in the world around us but we can control the world within us.

As more and more students are reaching out to me to teach live online yoga classes from home, I am also getting a lot of people asking me which yoga mat to buy.

I have listed the mats from Amazon which I recommend for all different price ranges. Due to influx of new yogis buying yoga mats the mats I usually recommend are sold out but I have heard from my yoga community that these ones are equally as good.

Low Range

£19.99 - Yoga Mad Warrior II Mat (Not Prime Eligible):

Mid Range

£35 - Toplus Yoga Mat (Amazon Prime Eligible):

Top Range

£104.95 - Lifeforme Yoga Mat (Amazon Prime Eligible)

Although very expensive, I have to say Lifeforme quality is better than any yoga mat I have used. I have invested in Lifeforme mat for my home and their smaller mat for travelling between yoga classes.

Saying that, you do not have to spend that much on a mat especially if you are just starting out! I would love to hear which yoga mats you have purchased and which ones your recommend.

I'll be back soon to tell you how you can use everyday objects in your home as yoga props.


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