Natasha Harbinson, 

Events and Marketing, JLL

Charlotte did a fantastic job running the very new task of online yoga sessions via our Instagram Page for Merchant Square, Paddington.


As something we have never done before, Charlotte made sure to connect to our followers and provide great health & wellbeing sessions that could be taken by any level from the comfort of home.

Simon N Gallagher,

Commercial Director

At the start of the government imposed lockdown myself and other colleagues concerned for the mental health of our staff at VolkerRail decided to look into some form of ‘extracurricular‘ activity for our staff.


On contacting Charlotte we discovered exactly what we needed and now Charlotte provides three sessions a week, one in the morning two late afternoon via Microsoft Teams. The feedback from the huge numbers of staff taking part is very positive and personally I’ve found the sessions essential to balance out the stress and strain experienced at this time.


I would highly recommend Charlotte Kahn of Maida Yoga as her style and ease of instruction has been an immense support to the mental health of our staff at VolkerRail.

Matilda Kendal,

Office Manager

Charlotte's calm & friendly demeanour has been a wonderful addition to the weekly routine of our staff.

Having yoga in the mornings has boosted productivity and engagement.


Throughout office closures due to Covid-19 Charlotte has continued to deliver these sessions via Zoom to the same effect!


Having Charlotte’s sessions throughout has been a great way to continue social contact with staff in a meaningful forum.


In person or online, Charlotte’s attentive teaching has been very much appreciated by brand new yoga attendees and experienced yogis;  all abilities have been getting the most out of each class.

Narin Shaker, 

Akelius Residential

Charlotte was very professional and adapted the office space well to ensure we were all comfortable. 

We were a class of varying abilities and Charlotte provided one on one instruction which we really appreciated and it ensured we were all getting the most out of the session. 

We enjoyed her enthusiasm, love of yoga and calming guidance, overall it was a lovely way to end the work day and was the best night's sleep I've had in a while!

I have always been interested in practicing yoga, but being inflexible, have found most classes I've tried have been unapproachable, uncomfortable and knocked my confidence.

With my 1-2-1 sessions with Charlotte, I've seen a whole different side to the practice of yoga. Something bespoke for me, my needs and my goals. I can already see my progress and wouldn't be without my weekly practice

Holly W

When I started with these sessions I had more than a little doubt that this could be for me. Nevertheless, some little voice inside kept saying 'you're not too old for this, just do it' and so I brought my aching, overweight and unfit body to the mat. 


Just six weeks in, my inner/core strength has already increased, I have greater flexibility, slightly wider range of movement, better balance as well as greater calm, better focus and concentration. 


Even more importantly, the twice weekly sessions are fun, my hitherto dodgy back did not suffer once and my relationship with my own body has greatly improved. I now recognise it as the amazing miracle it is.


I really think Charlotte is the kind of gifted teacher that can work with - and bring out the best in - any person whatever their circumstance or condition.

Elisbeth R

During the years I did a few attempts to attend yoga classes but never enjoyed them and subsequently didn't go back.

The first time I decided to try someone else’s class it was a one to one session with Charlotte. Her class is the only one that I want to go back week after week. She is a very calm, patient, kind teacher.

Now I am joining her via zoom every week and to me that means a good start to yet another week.

Fariba M

Stephen Spavin, 

Outreach Coordinator

Charlotte had been providing Age UK Westminster with face to face Chair Yoga Exercise sessions for our service users which were all very well attended.

Since Covid-19 she has produced a sequence of 6 different themed online videos accessed by our website and YouTube. Our service users really enjoy the classes and continue to exercise using Charlotte's techniques and they can now exercise daily from the comfort of their own home!            

Kovi Noukounou, 

Director of Services

& Founder   

Charlotte Kahn, is a brilliant and knowledgeable Yoga instructor.


Charlotte has been working with Parkinson's Care and Support UK since the beginning of the year 2020, delivering Parkinson's Specialist Yoga and Mindfulness Yoga to people affected by Parkinson's disease. Charlotte's knowledge in Parkinson's makes her our best instructor.


With Parkinson's sufferers, patience is everything and Charlotte always have that to make participants feel comfortable, her sessions have transformed the lives of many of the participants.


After each of Charlotte's sessions, the feedback we get from the participants are really overwhelming. At Parkinson's Care and Support UK, we are grateful to be working with Charlotte.         

Stephen K

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I had almost given up hope of finding a new pursuit to recharge me physically and mentally - without compromising my serious health issues - when I had the good fortune to be recommended Chair Yoga and Charlotte of MaidaYoga.

Under Charlotte’s patient instruction I was also able to embrace Zoom and at the same time relax my old bones and brain cells in complete safety.                

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