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Hi, I'm Charlotte Kahn and to start my story I'll take you back to July 2016. 

I had completed ten years working in business development roles for some of the world's biggest media companies. I had a great sounding title, a good salary, and a lush flat in London. I had surrounded myself with all the 'stuff' I'd dreamed of.


I was miserable. 

I lived for the weekend and for those sweet 25 days of holiday a year. Even from the beginning of my corporate career I had this gut feeling, some call it intuition, that I was not living my best life and there was something else, something I was meant to be doing... 

During that time, I was dipping in and out of my own yoga practice. I loved how on the mat I could unravel my daily stresses like uncoiling a tightly wound spring. I deepened my practice by going on my first ever yoga retreat. After 10 days of yoga, meditation, and relaxation in the magic mountains of Morocco I remember coming home feeling grounded, connected, and alive. The 'coming home' wasn't just returning to London, it was also a homecoming to myself.

I took a deep breath (or 10!), and quit my job.

In the months that followed, I dived deeper into my own yoga practice. In early 2017, I began my yoga teacher training at the Frame Yoga Academy in London to become 200 hour qualified yoga instructor, specialising in Vinyasa Flow. 

In truth, at that time I never thought I would be a yoga teacher but as I navigated through my first months as a newly hatched teacher, I felt pure joy from giving the glorious gift of yoga to others. I loved watching how my students benefited from the wonders of the practice on the mat, and how it positively affected their life off the mat too. I started teaching Private Yoga where I could tailor a class for an individual and Corporate Yoga for workplace wellness.

Around the same time that I became a yoga teacher, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I read books and watched Youtube videos on how yoga could be made more accessible for people who could not get up and down from a mat easily. 

My research into the subject left me craving for a better understanding on how I could share yoga with people dealing with conditions, illnesses, and injuries.

This led me to becoming a Yoga Therapist. I started studying a 2 year Yoga Therapy course at 'The Yoga Root' institute in Egham UK, and will complete my training later this year. I now specialise in running Chair Yoga  for students who have injuries and/or conditions such as Parkinson's and Cerebral Palsy. 

You know a little about my father, so it's only fair I mention my mother too. My mother is a Reiki Master with some 20 years experience of giving and teaching reiki healing.

In early 2020, my mother trained me in Reiki Levels 1 & 2, gifting me with the skills to be a fully qualified reiki practitioner. Joining forces, my mother and I started running yoga and reiki Retreats in Mijas Southern Spain. 

Last but not least there's my yoga & wellness company, Maida Yoga. 

"Maida" because I grew up in Maida Vale, and always adored my home. The  "/\" in my logo represents a roof, my homecoming. It also represents a mountain, a nod to my second home in Colorado USA. 

And then there's now.

 I teach yoga for workplace wellness at offices and online via webcam. I teach group yoga classes at gyms, studios, at my home, and on webcam. I teach private yoga classes at my student's home, at my home, and online via webcam. I work with students as a yoga therapist, and teach accessible chair yoga privately, in small groups, and via webcam. During COVID-19 lockdown, I also teach two of my own group Online Classes per week.

What do my students and clients say? Read my Testimonials


I would love to teach you yoga too! Email me for more details and to start your yoga journey today. 

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See you on the mat,


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