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How can the light of full moon lead you to greater happiness?

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

While the new moon is a time to set intentions for the future, the full moon is an opportunity to shine a light on what is in and around you right now; the blessings, the messy, and all that's in between.

Late last Saturday night, I was walking home with friends and looked up to see the most glorious full moon beaming down us. It illuminated a yellow brick road for four friends happily bouncing home. But as the ruby red bus arrived to take us home, the journey wasn't all that "pretty".

On the bus, some slob had left a queasy amount of food all over the floor, which wouldn't have been so bad if there wasn't also a woman growling wildly up and down the aisle like Werewolf in London (apt I know). My friend and I took an obligatory 'end of night selfie', and by the light of the beautiful moon (and the florescent lights of the bus) we captured my not so beautiful mascara smudged sweaty face.

OK, so this probably all would've happened full moon or not, but my point is that the light of the moon illuminates both the blessings in our life, and those 'messier' areas which we might not want to see. Whether we are ready to see what is really there is another question.

So, how can the light of full moon lead you to greater happiness?

The Blessings

The full moon offers an opportunity to recognise the many blessing in your life, and feel deep gratitude for all you have and experience.

A friend of mine recently told me about a meditation podcast by Deepak Chopra on Abundance. After completing the "21 Days of Abundance" meditations she was noticing real positive change in her life. Well, I had to try it too!

I'm only a few days in but I've been reminded that connecting to abundance doesn't come from that which is outside of ourselves. Abundance is not linked to the zeros in you pay packet, or your job title, your property, or any of the other things you own.

In the first meditation Deepak Chopra offers the mantra "So Hum", which translates to "I Am That". The So Hum mantra symbolises the fact that we are all connected to a universal energy that is constantly supporting and nourishing us in the ways we need and desire.

We never need to seek abundance, instead we are asked to notice and open ourselves to what is already there. For example, the first light as you open your eyes, the love you feel for your family, laughing with a friend, the many beauty's of nature. The meditation, much like the moonlight, shines a light on the riches that are within and all around you. Try it for your yourself, and see what happens: "21 Days of Abundance"

The Authentic You

If Shakespeare is right and "All the world's a stage" then the the full moon would be the stage spotlight. Spotlights are used to highlight an individuals talent, much like a singer who takes centre stage to share their vocal gift. The moonlight is an opportunity to shine a light on your own gifts, and ask you - are you are sharing your gifts with the world?

Yes that's right, YOU have a unique gift to share with the world. And don't worry if you are not quite sure what that gift is yet, I believe this is part of a lifetime's discovery. To help you on that journey you can practice living your life authentically. By this I mean accepting yourself, and not dimming your light to fit in or impress others. It is more important to be true to yourself and true to your heart's desires than making someone else happy.

As we know of course the light of the moon is a reflection of the light from the sun - the moon is a mirror. The mirror moon reflects its spotlight on the authentic you, and asks you to share your light with the world.

The Areas For Change

In my south facing flat, a glowing light shines through the windows and as I sip my coffee I notice the beauty of the morning... but also the build of dust on my window ledge. So yes, illuminating what's there will also show up the things you might not want to see. Perhaps it's more comfortable keeping some 'less happy' areas of your life in the dark.

A friend recently sent me Youtube video about complacency and how we are less likely to make change in our lives unless the thing we need change is causing us misery. For example, a relationship which is on the whole OK but you know deep down that your needs are not being met, or perhaps you know that you both want different things in the future. Often we sweep the things we don't want to admit are true under the carpet, and collect those little 'sweepings' until they have accumilated into a messy mound which causes us misery. We have to finally take notice - and initiate change.

The full moon helps us notice that dust collecting on the window ledge before it becomes that messy mound. Opening our eyes to those areas in your life that need your attention and that you know deep down are no longer working for you.

So, how can the light of full moon lead you to greater happiness?

The full moon, like a mirror, shows us all that we need to see in our own lives. The blessings, the messy, and all that's in between. First, notice the joys already there, then connect to the authentic you, and finally know you have the courage to look upon those dustier areas that are no longer working. So listen to those whispers and the gentle nudges, and perhaps it's not this cycle but the next where you will begin to make the change you need to live your best life.

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